Brightleaf Imaging


Computerized tomography (CT) scanners take pictures of structures within the body. A computer combines the data from multiple X-ray images and turns them into pictures to examine the patient's body.

Lower Dose with high-quality Images.
The new H2 Gantry design. Faster scan times.
The Pro has a higher Anode heat capactity
Ideal for the emergency room
Full gantry rotation in 0.4 seconds.
Recommended for cardiac, trauma, pediatric, and pulmonary exams
Offering excellent image quality for clinical applications
A Whole Body Multi-Slice Helical Computed Tomography Scanner Capable of Scan Routine 0.8-second Full 360-Degree Rotation Scans.
Aquilion 16 is a whole-body CT scanner that provides uncompromising image quality and outstanding clinical performance.
Great for facilities with space constraints.
The Emotion 6 uses Siemens’ CARE Dose 4D system, which reduces the average dose around 68% less than the conventional scan.
Siemens CARE dose reduction
Simple and Reliable
Minimal Investment, but will add value to your clinic
Dose management for every patient, every time.
450 lbs. Patient Load Capacity
Dental Planning